Some Our Installations

On Land Installations

  • Giglio Island

Giglio was one of the first Remocean On-Land installations.
Remocean wave radar and coastal control system was used during Costa Concordia removal operations. Detailed information about sea state and surfcae current field was important to assist the operations.

  • Piombino Port Authority

Remocean Coastal Monitoring application was installed just in front of Piombinos Port Authority in Tuscany to monitor sea state information and to help harbor maneuvers and activities during the Port enlargement work.

  • Acqua Alta Platform

The Acqua Alta research tower was installed on January 1970 off the Gulf of Venice, Italy, by Micoperi for the CNR. This tower consists of a platform containing an instrument house, supported by a steel pipe structure, similar to that of an oil well derrick.
Remocean was installed on the platform to provide real time data on sea state parameters.

  • Capo Granitola

Remocean ON-LAND Coastal Monitoring application is used on one of Italys most south points in Sicily, where it support coastal control with real time sea state information.

  • Sciacca lighthouse

    Very close to Sciaccas lighthouse, Remocean wave radar and Coastal Monitoring application is used to control the coast in south Sicily.
  • Gaeta port 

Remocean ON-LAND Coastal Monitoring system has been installed in the Port of Gaeta (90km north of Naples) to analyze the interaction between the coming waves and surface currents and the coast.

  • Salerno port 

Remocean Target Detection and Tracking system and ON-LAND Coastal Monitoring are installed in the port of Salerno (Italy) to carry out sea monitoring in the port area within the national research project PON HABITAT.

  • Coastal Monitoring Mobile System

The Remocean Coastal Monitoring Mobile System has been acquired by the National Research Council (CNR) of Italy to make the monitoring of waves, currents and bathymetry from a fully equipped moving platform (trailer).

On Board Installations

  • Fishing vessel

In 2014 the Remocean Ship Safety System has been installed on board the Aristeus Fishing Vessel to measure wave and surface current field during the navigation within the National Research Project RITMARE.

  • Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Royal Caribbean groups has chosen Remocean for the Celebryty Reflection cruise.  The integrated system for small targets detection and wave and currents monitoring has been installed on board on october 2015.

  • Maersk Line

In 2017 the Remocean Ship Safety System has been installed on board the Oil/Chemical Tanker Edward to measure wave and surface current field during the navigation.

  • Grimaldi Cruise Line

Grimaldi groups has chosen Remocean for its Grimaldi Cruise Roma.
Remoceans Ship Safety application installed on-board the passengers ship, enhances both safety and comfort on board.

  • Alba Marina FSO

An integrated system for oil spill detetction and waves and csurface current monitoring has been installed on board the FSO Alba Marina in the Rospo Mare offshore field. The system detects the presence of oil spills and, thanks to the measure of surfcae currents and to the use of ad hoc models, provides the prediction of the oil spill propagation in the time.

  • Fremm Italian Navy

Remocean Ship Ssfety application has been installed on seven Italian Navys FREMM (European multipurpose frigate), which is a class of frigate designed by DCNS/Armaris and Fincantieri for the navies of France and Italy. The installation is part of CETENAs Shaman System dedicated to the hull monitoring system.

  • FPSO Cendor

Remoceans system is now on board FPSO Cendor, which is located 140 km from the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia at block PM-304.