soluzioni per il monitoraggio del mare remocean

SICE presents the Remocean integrated solutions for the surveillance and monitoring of the sea and coasts.
Remocean Srl is a company operating in the maritime sector and deals with the design, production and industrialization of radar systems for the maritime, coastal and naval market.

Remocean Srl is a company of the SICE SpA group which acquired the majority in 2018.
Spin-off born from the laboratories of the National Research Council (CNR) of Naples, Remocean develops advanced solutions for sea surveillance and monitoring both from fixed platforms (coasts, off-shore platforms) and from ships. Analyzing the data acquired by common navigation radars and powerful calculation algorithms, Remocean systems provide, in real time and with high precision, the measurement of sea waves (in terms of wave height, wavelength and wave period dominant), the surface current field and the seabed bathymetry and performs the detection and localization of pollutants and targets within a radius of 3 nautical miles for the control of ports and Marine Protected Areas.
The mission of the company is to guarantee the functionality and efficiency of the sea monitoring solutions which for years have represented an international excellence in the control of ports, Marine Protected Areas and for the safety of navigation, for this reason the Navy Militare Italiana has installed Remocean on the entire fleet of Frigates, Fremm class, jewel of technology and recently also purchased by the US Navy. The Taiwanese Ministry of Environment was able to verify the quality of Remocean products and in 2019 purchased a system for monitoring and control of the coasts and after a long analysis and validation campaign it set the stamp of excellence for high performance and system reliability.



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