Remocean Mobile Coastal Monitoring System

Remocean Mobile Coastal Monitoring System is one of Remocean’s applications based on the use of a flexible trailer equipped with a pneumatic mast and the Remocean Coastal Monitoring system.

This system allows sea monitoring from the coast without the need to install the radar and in a completely automatic mode. The system acquires data, analyzes them and sends products to a remote server to view on the web page.

The mobile platform allows to monitor the sea surface from several positions along the coast. This may be very useful in the emergency conditions where a rapid start-up of the system is required. The following pictures show the complete mobile system.


Technical details:

  • Unit of Pneumatic Mast :
  • Color: grey standard
  • Starting Diameter: 250 mm
  • Last unit diameter: 165 mm
  • Number of body units: 8
  • Mast Head with 4 holes;
  • Anti-rotation and manual blocking system;
  • Mast head rings set for wind fixing ropes (in case of heavy wind conditions);
  • Air Flow Control Module;
  • Maximum Height: 9017 mm
  • Minimum Height: 2000 mm
  • Maximum Load: over 130 kg;
  • Weight: 100 Kg;

Road Trailer approved as road vehicle under CE regulatory with the following technical specifications:

  • Total Capacity: 1200 Kg
  • Vehicle connection: ball hook with levelling wheel;
  • Brakes: Repulsion
  • Lights: standard

Aluminum chassis:

  • Dimensions: 1700mm x 2700mm x 2200mm (W x L x H)
  • Color: White
  • Roof: aluminum walkable
  • Locker: water proof for complete radar antenna transportation
  • Stair: fixed on front side
  • Stabilization: 4 x Stabilization feet up to 1500mm/1700mm extraction with rods hooks
  • Rear Shutter: auto-rolling 1700mm x 1000mm (W x H) with safety key
  • Side Shutter: auto-rolling 1700mm x 800mm (W x H) with safety key
  • Ropes: 15mt DYNEEMA SK 78

Internal Frame:

  • Welded Tubular Based;
  • Power Supply: 2Kw, fuel, 5 hours autonomy, outside exhaust fumes holes;
  • Air compressor: 179 Lt./min., 8 bar (max) with pressure regulator and gauge;
  • Electrical System: 2 x 12V, switchboard with 230V to 24V transformer, switchboard with 2 Shuko Plugs

Remocean Oil Spill Detection & Propagation

The excellent capability of the Remocean Oil Spill Detection & Propagation system, thanks to an advanced real-time signal processing, is able to highlight the dampening of the reflected microwave radiation on the radar sweep image.

Proprietary pattern analysis algorithm allow to drastically reduce false alarms events. This information, combined with the high-resolution current field measure and thanks to the use of appropriate models allows the system  to predict the propagation of the spill in time.

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Remocean Coastal Monitoring System

Coastal Monitoring is one of remocean’s applications based on its innovative wave radar algorithm.

It represents an integrated solution that allows coastal monitoring, providing real time information on sea state, wave motion close to harbors and coastline, surface currents, as well as offering an analysis of the impact of waves on the coastline and the generation of bathymetry maps.The application provides real time information (in a range up to 3 nautical miles from the radar) about:

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Remocean Small (and Slow) Target Detection System

The Remocean Small (and Slow) Target Detection System allows the detection of small targets that could be not detectable by the normal radar systems. This result can be obtained through an appropriate analysis of a series of consecutive images acquired by the radar that allow to amplify the weak signal coming from small targets stationary or slowly moving.

This product can be useful both for coastal applications in the detection of small boats non-cooperative (illegal fishing, piracy, border control, surveillance, SAR, etc.) or for the detection and tracking of small drifting objects (icebergs, oil drums etc.) that could represent a hazard to navigation. In the following figure it is shown the raw radar image (superimposed to the geographic map) before application of the algorithm for the detection of small targets.

REMOCEAN – Wave monitoring & Small Target Detection Brochure

Remocean Target Detection & Tracking System

The Remocean Target Detection & Tracking System  is capable of tracking moving vessels, throughout the entire range of X-band radars (up to 12-24 nautical miles, depending on the type of radarand its location).

The vessel tracking system operates in a way very similar to commercial VTS systems, providing speed, direction, dimensions and route of any moving object combined with data received from the AIS.

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