How we do it

Remocean’s wave radar proactively uses the clutter signal in combination with specific mathematical algorithms, to estimate sea state parameters, surface currents field and seabed shape and to detect the presence of small targets and oil spills.

Remocean Small (and Slow) Target Detection System

The Remocean Small (and Slow) Target Detection System allows the detection of small targets that could be not detectable by the normal radar systems. This result can be obtained through an appropriate analysis of a series of consecutive images acquired by the radar that allow to amplify the weak signal coming from small targets stationary or slowly moving.

This product can be useful both for coastal applications in the detection of small boats non-cooperative (illegal fishing, piracy, border control, surveillance, SAR, etc.) or for the detection and tracking of small drifting objects (icebergs, oil drums etc.) that could represent a hazard to navigation. In the following figure it is shown the raw radar image (superimposed to the geographic map) before application of the algorithm for the detection of small targets.

REMOCEAN – Wave monitoring & Small Target Detection Brochure

Remocean Target Detection & Tracking System

The Remocean Target Detection & Tracking System  is capable of tracking moving vessels, throughout the entire range of X-band radars (up to 12-24 nautical miles, depending on the type of radarand its location).

The vessel tracking system operates in a way very similar to commercial VTS systems, providing speed, direction, dimensions and route of any moving object combined with data received from the AIS.

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