Remocean Oil Spill Detection & Propagation

The excellent capability of the Remocean Oil Spill Detection & Propagation system, thanks to an advanced real-time signal processing, is able to highlight the dampening of the reflected microwave radiation on the radar sweep image.

Proprietary pattern analysis algorithm allow to drastically reduce false alarms events. This information, combined with the high-resolution current field measure and thanks to the use of appropriate models allows the system  to predict the propagation of the spill in time.

The OSD main features are:

  • Oil Slick Acquisition and Tracking:
  • Manual: user can draw a polygonal area that the system will investigate continuously;
  • Full Auto: the system automatically investigates all the radar sweep;
  • Oil Slick Data:
  • Latitude/Longitude;
  • Oil Slick Area: automated calculation of the oil spot area in Km2 or m2;
  • Distance from radar;
  • UTC, Range/Bearing, Speed/Course, Latitude/Longitude (on board);
  • Oil Slick Propagation: Surface Currents;
  • AIS Data Tracking;
  • OSD and AIS data overlay on maps;
  • Incident Data Storage:
    • RAW Images and/or Compressed Formats and/or ESRI shape file;
    • UTC, Range/Bearing, Speed/Course, Latitude/Longitude (on board);
    • Wind and/or external data source data.

REMOCEAN – ship safety system &OSD Brochure