Remocean Ship Safety System

Remocean Ship Safety System is one of Remocean’s applications based on the innovative wave radar algorithm.

It represents an integrated solution that increases vessel safety thanks to the analysis of the coming waves and surface currents. The application provides real time information up to a range of 3 nautical miles from the radar, relative to:

  • Sea State: graphical and textual representation of
    • direction, length and period of primary and secondary dominant waves;
    • significant wave height;
    • average values for direction spread, period and length;
  • Surface currents:
    • average values for direction and speed;
  • Directional Spectrum: 2D representation of waves in the frequency domain;
  • Wave Motion: Space-Time Reconstruction of waves.

The following table shows accuracy information for each system’s output[1].


[1] The min threshold for wind speed is 3 m/s.

REMOCEAN – ship safety system &OSD Brochure