Remocean Target Detection & Tracking System

The Remocean Target Detection & Tracking System  is capable of tracking moving vessels, throughout the entire range of X-band radars (up to 12-24 nautical miles, depending on the type of radarand its location).

The vessel tracking system operates in a way very similar to commercial VTS systems, providing speed, direction, dimensions and route of any moving object combined with data received from the AIS.

The radar tracking interface offers identification of dangerous or non-cooperative targets, with indications of their exact location, size and distance from the observation point.

Combined with any commercial AIS, the detection and tracking system offers real time information about identified moving vessels, combining position, speed and movements of vessels together with other data such as: type of ship, destination, ETA, Length x Breadth, Draught, etc.

The tracking functionalities are capable of following the moving vessels in order to:

  • use georeferencing features and generate warnings when vessel(s) enter or exit a given area
  • generate alarms when vessels go beyond a virtual line/border
  • generate alarms when vessels move above a given speed threshold in a given area or in the entire radar sweep

count number of vessels entering and exiting a given area (e.g. harbours, marine protected areas, etc.)


Download brochure REMOCEAN – Detection and Tracking_V1.3


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