We measure the sea.

Using X-band radars, Remocean can determine sea state information.

What we measure.

Wave length, period, direction and height.

We do it with passion and innovation in mind.

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On-Board safety and security

Remocean’s wave radar enhances on-board safety and security on cruising ships, military ships and cargo ships.

On-Land coastal monitoring

Remocean’s coastal monitoring application provides real time information on sea state, wave motion close to harbors and coastline.

Patent methodologies and cutting-edge algorithms

Remocean’s algorithms are able to acquire and process the information clutter generated from X band radars.

What we measure

  • wave length, period and direction
  • significant wave height
  • surface currents
  • high resolution bathymetry maps

How we do it

Remocean’s wave radar proactively uses the clutter signal in combination with specific mathematical algorithms, to estimate sea state parameters, surface currents and seabed shape.

Funded by 1st class investors

Remocean has received funding from Italy’s first class venture capital firm, IMI San Paolo – Atlante Venture Mezzogiorno.

Our installations.




Piombino Port Authority


Acqua Alta Platform


FREMM – Marina Militare


FPSO Cendor


Capo Granitola


Faro di Sciacca



Remocean Ship Safety

Ship Safety is one of remocean’s applications based on its innovative wave radar algorithms. It monitors in real time sea state, surface currents and wave motion providing a great insight on the overall situation of the sea.

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Remocean Coastal Monitoring

Coastal Monitoring represents an integrated solution that allows coastal monitoring, providing real time information on sea state, wave motion close to harbors and coastline, analysis of the impact of waves on the coastline.

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