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Remocean the algorithm that helped remove Costa Concordia

Another ally, mostly Italian, is added to the recovery team of the Costa Concordia , the cruise ship that sank on January 13 in front of the island of Giglio. It is called remocean core service , an algorithm that calculates the wave motion based on the data detected by the radar. A system that will prove very useful to Micoperi and Titan Salvage, the two companies that will float the 114,000-ton wreck. The algorithm takes its name from the company, Remocean, which specializes in the development of navigation technologies, and currently its detection systems are being installed on the island of Giglio, ready to be used in monitoring sea currents.

The potential of remocean core is high. «It is a wave detection system that uses the background noise of radars, the so-called clutter», «this signal, which is generally filtered to minimize disturbances, is the key element of the remocean core». A high resolution “sea scanner” up to three nautical miles that allows you to determine the duration, period and direction of the dominant waves, their height and surface currents. A useful system in many situations: from reporting shallows to support for offshore platforms, passing through the recovery of wrecks and people missing at sea. “The harbor master’s office – used it in the search for the missing, providing for their displacement in the period of time that goes from their reporting to the start of the search teams”.

Taking a look at the company’s website , its applications are numerous. There is oil spill detection which, in the case of a ship aground, monitors the behavior of fluids dispersed at sea. The ship intelligence that aggregates the various information on board (gps, wind, consumption) to offer the owner an overall picture of the state of the ship. The calculation system could therefore prove to be very useful in the recovery phases of the Costa Concordia. It will support weather forecasts, monitor the behavior of fluids and currents and will provide logistical support to divers who will soon be engaged in the construction of the underwater platform on which the wreck of over one hundred thousand tons will rest.


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