Safety in Navigation

Remocean Ship Safety is one of the Remocean applications based on its powerful radar data analysis algorithms .
The system measures waves and surface currents in real time during navigation.
The system makes it possible to predict critical ship motions and provides the captain with valuable information to improve the safety and comfort of navigation and to reduce fuel consumption .

The application provides real-time information (within a radius of up to 3 nautical miles from the radar) relating to:
State of the sea : the system provides a graphic and textual representation of:
Significant wave height ;
direction, length and period of the dominant waves ;
Directional spectrum : 2D representation of waves in the frequency domain;
Wave Motion : space-time reconstruction of the waves.
Surface current : intensity and direction of the surface current.

The Remocean Ship Safety system was installed on the fleet of Multipurpose Frigates (FREMM) of the Italian Navy .
The system is integrated with a structural monitoring system capable of reducing the risk of damage to the hull structure caused by excessive loading and adverse weather conditions.
The integrated system provides a reliable measure of the loads on the ship’s structure and the resulting risk levels and is able to take appropriate countermeasures.

Technical specifications

Wave and Current parametersAccuracyRangeResolution
Significant Wave heigt(Hs)*+/- 10%0.3 + 25m0.1 m
Peak direction*+/- 2°0 - 360°
Peak period*+/-0.4 s3 – 30s0.1s
Peak wave lenght*+/-10%15 – 600m1m
Current speed*+/-0.1 m/s0 – 20 m/s0.01 m/s
Current direction*+/- 2°0 – 360°
Wave SpectraAccuracyRangeResolution
2D direction frequency spectrum*0.02 – 0.35 Hz
0.005 Hz/4°
1-dimensional frequency spectrum*0.02 – 0.35 Hz0.005 Hz


This application, called Enhanced Remocean Ship Safety, was developed following the IMO document “Guide to the commander to avoid dangerous situations in adverse weather conditions and Sea Msc.1 / Circ.1228 11 January 2007” which requires regular monitoring of the waves in order to take any action necessary to prevent danger for navigation.
This system can be a useful tool to help the Captain in rough sea conditions and poor visibility by providing precise suggestions on the optimal route to increase the safety of people, cargo and ship.

The figure shows the Enhanced Remocean Ship Safety system interface installed on board a cruise ship. The system provides accurate information (on the ship's speed and course) to reduce critical ship movements in rough seas.

Systems Architecture